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Coaching Agile Teams for Wellbeing and Performance

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We need a better way to work, one that enables us to prioritise both wellbeing and performance, one that creates a great work experience and helps us do our very best work. That's what this course is all about. ​

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  • 90 minutes per week over 6 weeks

  • Learn simple evidence-informed practices that enhance both wellbeing and performance

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Further course background

In modern workplaces, teams are the foundation of how we work and deliver, but many teams never hit their potential. This course is all about teaching you leading-edge techniques for coaching teams to flourish.


Don’t worry if you’re not already an agile coach, the approaches you'll learn are widely applicable and there’s a complimentary ‘Foundations of Agile & Business Agility’ session included as well as 1:1 coaching to ensure you can apply everything you’re learning.

From the vast amount of research in this space I’ve picked out the key topics based on three basic criteria:

  1. Revelatory - they have the potential to fundamentally change the way you work, think and coach

  2. they are practical and can be applied straight away

  3. they contribute to a triple bottom line of people (through improved human experiences and wellbeing), profit (through improved performance and outcomes), and purpose (creating better organisations that drive good social outcomes).

The course will be run over 6 weeks, in 90-minute online collaborative learning sessions, using zoom and a virtual whiteboard solution (likely Miro).


You’ll be encouraged to bring real-world team challenges you are working with into the session and to practice the solutions you learn in-between.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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Meet your facilitator

Richard Parton

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Richard is a Business Agility Transformation and Positive Psychology expert, highly experienced at helping organisations develop their business agility strategy to create human-friendly, adaptive workplaces ready for the challenge of the digital age.


He has nearly twenty years of experience in creating high performing transformation programs, is a Lean Change evangelist, practitioner and trainer and uses techniques that leverage lean startup, agile and traditional change management to create sustainable change and business agility for clients.


He is also a regular public speaker on news ways of working and the psychology of creating transformation, resilience and thriving.