The Liminel Differential

Principles based and passionate about creating sustainable outcomes for people and organisations. At Liminel, we practice what we preach!

  • Solution Focused: overcome inertia, indecision, fear, bureaucracy, and analysis paralysis by focusing on what's wanted, what resources are available and taking small actions that lead to signs of progress and useful learning on the path to your desired future perfect 

  • Fit for purpose: we tailor and right size our work and approach to meet your needs

  • Pragmatic: we minimise jargon and theory, adopt a hands on approach based on collaboration. We focus on decisions that are good enough for now and safe enough to try

  • Fair process: engage, explain and manage expectations - everything we do meets the fair process test

  • Simple: we aim to maximise the amount of work not done. We craft small increments of business value that can be delivered sooner rather than large batches of work that are never delivered

  • Sustainability: we teach you how to fish

  • Redundancy: good consultants should always be making themselves redundant

  • Co-design: if you help design it you can't help but own it

  • Adaptive mindset: we are passionate about the benefits of a positive mindset and ground our work in this

  • Evidence and Research: our work is informed and underpinned by relevant global research, we contribute to bodies of knowledge in our field and capture data from experiments to appropriately inform activities

  • One size does not fit all - we do not prescribe that there is only one way to achieve something, we live in a complex world, we sense and respond drawing from a range of modern management approaches to find the right solution for you