Executive Coaching for Improved Business Performance

How can you benefit from coaching?

An Executive Coach can help your C-Level and Senior Management staff to improve performance, overcome barriers, and get unstuck. Professional athletes know the value of having a coach so it only makes sense for high-performing business professionals to take advantage of coaching to improve their performance.

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding about the difference between executive coaching and mentoring. A quick explanation is that mentoring is about guiding someone based on similar experience and expertise as the person being mentored. Whereas, an Executive coach uses a series of questions to help the coachee find their own solutions to problems.


The skill of an Executive Coach is in the questions they ask to help the coachee think in new ways, see their situation from a different angle and identify what existing resources, strengths and skills they can use to take action in the direction of their goals.

The coaching dynamic

We will work together to help you achieve your desired outcomes but only you can take the actions necessary to make progress. Engaging in the coaching sessions with an open creative mind will help you get unstuck and develop new insights and actions to move forward.

As part of our coaching conversations, you will be asked questions that are sometimes challenging and require deep thought. This is necessary as you have probably already thought through all the conventional and habitual ways of achieving your outcome. After a coaching conversation, it's up to you to take the next steps with what you have learned.


Keeping it brief


Our approach to coaching is based on providing the minimal number of sessions that are valuable to the client rather than a fixed number of sessions. We often find that one or two session is enough for a specific issue. Hence, our pricing structure charges more for our initial session and a reduced price for further sessions on the same topic. When you feel you need help with a new issue, we can start a new engagement.

We also don't lock you in to a fixed schedule with coaching sessions at specific intervals. Instead, we'll ask you when you would like your next session. Each person is different and they can book the next session as near or as far apart as they wish.

What's involved in a typical Executive coaching session?

An Executive coaching session focuses on business performance related topics in addition to any personal issues which might be impacting your work. The sessions are confidential and the details are not shared with anyone without explicit permission.

A typical coaching session will run for up to 1 hour but if we feel we've achieved the desired outcome in a shorter time, we can finish early and free up some extra time in your day.


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