Rod Sherwin


Rod coaches individuals, teams and organisations to improve the flow of value to their customers by adopting agile ways of working across the business.


Rod has coached, trained and facilitated change in business agility values, principles and practices across government, telecommunications, utilities, civil and electrical engineering industries. He has coached sales, recruitment, marketing, human resources, engineers, software developers and data analytics teams to improve their ability to respond and adapt to change. 

Rod’s professional background includes more than 20+ years in IT delivery and the most recent 10+ years designing and facilitating training, professional coaching and organisational change. As a long term member of the Institute of Learning Professionals, Rod designs unique training experiences that help people learn from experience both within a course and with follow up coaching to develop true competency that can't be gained in the classroom.

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Rod is a leading expert in the Solution-focused approach to change which focuses on what's wanted, what's helping to make this happen and how to notice forward progress instead of getting lost in problem analysis which wastes time and money in complex domains such people, teams and business.

The Solution-focused approach is foundational to his daily conversations, training and workshop design. Rod is a member of the Solutions-focus in Organisations (SFiO) and recently spoke at the SolWorld European Conference held in Budapest (2019). Rod also trains and facilitates leaders to use a rich new metaphor called Host Leadership. He recently contributed a chapter to the Host Leadership Field Book about using Host Leadership to improve your stand-up meetings.

Rod was co-developer and facilitator of Business Agility training for over 6,500+ staff in Australia and New Zealand which helped a large IT Services organisation shift their mindset to better respond and adapt to change. This training was reinforced with Brown Bag Lunch and Learn sessions to provide further tools and coaching on implementing the learning in day to day work.


Rod's most recent experience was in shaping the agile ways of working for a large IT delivery centre in Adelaide including the design and delivery of Agile Masterclass training for over 70 staff across multiple intakes. He also developed and delivered role-specific training for the different roles with the delivery teams. He has also delivered virtual instructor lead training globally to groups of 60-70 people online.

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Global IT Services Organisation

  • Co-designer and facilitator of Business Agility training for 6,500 staff across ANZ

  • Reinforced training with Lunch & Learn sessions, internal social media platforms and virtual instructor led training

Regional Digital Transformation Delivery Centre

  • Designed and delivered Agile Masterclass to onboard 70+ staff

  • Use agile practices to coordinate the initial HR, facilities and marketing for the DTC

Workplace Insurance Provider

  • Agile Team Facilitator for AI Chatbot based on IBM’s Watson Technology.

  • The Chatbot helped onboard new starters and freed up more senior staff to handle more complex cases.


Leading Australia University

  • Lead coach to shift an IT Development group to a Business Agility mindset 

  • Developed and delivered training or Mindfulness, Growth mindset and Courageous conversations

Specialist Analytics Service Provider

  • Designed and delivered Agile DevOps course to Pre-sales and Data Scientists team with the view to improving project delivery and sales success

Electrical Engineering Service Provider 

  • Delivered Agile Masterclass to senior executives, logistics, warehouse, HR and IT support staff. Trained over 150 staff from ANZ region