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Are you interested in finding new ways of working with your clients, teams or organisations that build confidence, amplify what is already working and taps into emergent lasting solutions? Do you believe that your people, teams and organisations have more wisdom, knowledge and resilience than they realise?

The Solution Focused (SF) approach is an incisive way to build positive change in tough and often complex, situations. It is a rich and multi-dimensional approach delivering breakthrough results in many contexts including organisational change, conflict resolution, coaching and leadership.

The SF approach aims to discover "what works" in a given situation, simply and practically. The focus is what's wanted, what's going well, and practical progress that leads to a culture of collaboration and long-lasting results.

  • Learn and practice this powerful approach to change which you can apply 1-on-1, to teams, organisational change and leadership

  • Flexible delivery: morning and evening courses available

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Course Details

The Solution Focused (SF) approach can be thought of a strategy to find useful change and amplify it. This makes it a powerful tool for engagement - it creates rapid progress and gets things moving when they are difficult or confusing. 

Solution Focused Coaching and Change teaches you how to focus on solutions and not on problems, which contrasts SF with most conventional approaches, where first people investigate the problem and then develop the solution.

Conventional problem solving usually involves steps such as diagnosing the problem, identifying root causes, addressing weaknesses, developing a detailed action plan etc. Such conventional problem solving has its merits in the technical domain, where, if a problem occurs, e.g. on a piece of machinery, a technician works in a problem-focused way to solve it. Think of fixing a flat tire or a computer hardware problem,

However, in the context of moving people in organisations to reach new goals, the steps of problem analysis in many cases do not help or motivate, waste time and money, and are not necessary to build solutions.

More deeply, SF is a way to work with complex systems, where a change in any one element may well lead to other widespread changes that are not highly predictable. In such systems, a complete understanding of the problem is impossible, so you must find levers for change that are not analysis. SF is an excellent way to work with, rather than fight, emergent change with people and organisations.

The Solution Focused Approach is a set of principles and practical tools that help you get unstuck when you are struggling in personal, 1-on-1, team or organisational situations. The Solution Focused Coaching and Change course is 2-days of content delivered in formats that suit our modern flexible ways of working.


The course helps you answer questions like:

  • How I can clearly define what I want and make progress towards this outcome in a way that works for me?

  • How can I help my team interactions become more productive and use all our strengths and resources?

  • How can I shift everyday conversations with my work colleagues to stop wasting time and become more efficient at finding solutions?

  • How can we engage our organisation in a change process that taps into the creativity of all those involved?

  • How can I lead and coach in a respectful way?

  • How can I get unstuck and make progress in a complex situation?

  • How can you respectfully engage leaders, teams and organisation in conversations that create change?

Who should attend?

  • Executive and senior leaders frustrated by how long things take to change in their organisation

  • Organisational change practitioners and workshop facilitators wanting a framework that makes change more direct and simple

  • Agile coaches and Professional coaches wanting a brief and simple way to work one-on-one and with teams

Learning Objectives

​The primary learning outcome of this course is that you will feel confident in applying what you have learned once you complete the course. The course is biased towards practice with minimal theory. Each concept and exercise will give you a key skill to take away and apply immediately. As the course progresses, you will build your deftness and artistry in applying the solution-focused approach in your context.

  • Practice a systematic approach to everyday conversations that make a big impact

  • Develop and demonstrate competence in building solutions in one-on-one and group settings

  • Tackle complex projects and assignments with confidence as a manager, coach, consultant or leader

  • Learn the key differences between problem-focused and solution-focused approaches and when to apply each

  • Be encouraged to keep it simple and identify small actions with big impact

  • Learn what to listen for and how to reinforce the resourcefulness of the people you're working with

  • Experience a shift in mindset that changes the way you approach your personal and professional life

Tools and Practises We’ll Explore

  • Quickly build positive change in a wide range of work settings using six Solution Focused Tools

  • Understand Solution Focused Principles so you can create your own tools and workshops

  • Expanding the scope of the solution-focused approach to work with teams, departments, whole organisations and even between organisations.

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Rod Sherwin

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Rod Sherwin is a solutioneer, coach, team catalyst, facilitator and speaker who uses solutions-focused approaches as a direct route to create Business Agility and respectful lasting change for individuals, teams and organisations. 

Combining over 25 years experience in IT with professional SF coaching practice, Rod has applied his unique experience to create positive organisational change in industries such as telecommunications, government, civil engineering, digital, banking and consulting. 


Rod has been using the Solution Focused approach for over 15 years and is a regular speaking at SF conferences in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia.