What does your business want from training?

"The value of training lies not in the quantity or quality of learning, but in the results it produces for the organisation."[1] 

Training is usually thought of as teaching people specific knowledge, information and skills yet what the business wants from the training is:

  • An increase in on the job performance leading to increased business results

  • A lasting change in behaviour

What is typically thought of as training is usually a classroom or online type event for the initial education. Unfortunately, most organisation stop there and don't achieve the desired ROI. 

Effective training is a process not an event

This process must involve all of the key stakeholders and be driven by a clear view of their business needs. To achieve the desired business outcomes requires supervision and mentoring over time after the initial teaching event to embed a lasting change in behaviour.


If the learners environment is not supportive of this change when they return to their daily work, they will revert to their previous behaviour resulting a waste of time and money on the training.

The best that an isolated training event can do is lay the foundation for improved capability. It is managers, supervisors and coaches who must assist the learner in developing competency on the job to deliver the desired business results. The competency development process includes four stages:


Create readiness in the learner, the learner's manager, and the work environment for the learner to apply what they learn.


This the traditional course attendance associated with training. At the end of this stage the learner is not yet competent.


Most learning occurs in the application of the knowledge gained and needs strong involvement and support by the learner's manager to provide the space and time required.


Learners provide examples of how the learner has progressed towards proficiency with the knowledge gained.

Liminel offers a range of training courses supported by coaching in your context to improve staff competency, increase staff performance an deliver business results.

We also offer public courses which offer the opportunity to learn and share experience across organisations and industries

[1] Managing Education to Maximize Impact, Robert Brinkerhoff, Ed.D.